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Layton sat alone in a stone walled room while writing and trying to calm himself with tea. His room was designed like a cell to keep some big wild animal inside; what with its big steel door (which had a very small slidable cover that reveals a small window) and barred windows; but yet it had a large comfy bed, a dresser with a mirror, a desk (which he was using at the moment), a tall standing mirror, and a clean bathroom with a shower and everything. In his opinion, he found this contrast eerie. He was in the big, highest part of this strangely designed hotel. It was some far away from the town they were visiting. Outside his window, he could see the overview of the town and the setting sun.

Layton was actually locked inside, away from Luke and Flora (who were a few floors way from him), just in case if he does somehow…transform.

This was all happening because of last night. Layton and his apprentice Luke were investigating while Flora stayed inside the safety of their hotel room; As Layton was quite protective of her, due to being his adopted daughter.

Everything was going fine until they encountered a strange, large dog creature that could stand on two’s…or maybe it was a crazed bear. Whatever it was, the beast gave chase after them as the pair attempted to escape it by heading back to the hotel for shelter. Layton managed to get Luke into the building first, but when he tried getting in himself; the beast managed to bite down on his left leg and attempted to drag him off. The beast would have been successful if it weren’t for the innkeeper, the teen running the hotel, scaring it off with her shot gun (luckily missing Layton). The main lobby was empty except for Layton, Luke and the innkeeper. She muttered to herself on how fortunate they were the only ones in the lobby and that the others were all sleeping in their rooms at the moment. She eyed Layton’s wounded leg, as it was bleeding quite a bit. Layton noticed her expression; it was a mix of horror and sorrow, she mumbled to herself
“You’ve been bitten.” Before running off to fetch the first aid kit; she cleaned up his injury, but then after that, demanded they go back to their hotel rooms in a cold manner. The two were shocked by her sudden change in behavior; she seemed quiet and polite before. Layton came to the conclusion that she was probably superstitious like some of the other citizens. As they believed the recent sightings of strange looking men, bears or wild dogs as they claimed were actually…werewolves, but Layton didn’t believe such a mythical creature could exist.

In their room, Luke told Flora of their encounter with the animal; Flora became distressed for a moment when informed that Layton had been bitten; but the professor reassured her that his wound was cleaned and he’ll be alright.

Luke seemed uneasy towards Layton that night. He noticed Luke (who was in bed), watched him with nervousness in his eyes, as Layton wrote in his journal.
“Is something the matter Luke?”
“W-well…about that creature that bit you…what if it really is a werewolf like the others said? And since it bit you…that might mean you’ll become a werewolf too.”
“Well…I am feeling a bit famished, perhaps I’ll have a snack or two during the night.”
“That’s not funny professor!” a distressed Luke cried.
Layton chuckled to himself as he continued to write.
“Now Luke, don’t go jumping to conclusions, we’re not entirely sure what these creatures are, but there’s no evidence yet that supports they are werewolves. Just talk and rumors. We didn’t even get a good look at the creature and we don’t know much about it other than it’s dangerous. Besides, there wasn’t a full moon tonight.” He spoke in his usual calm tone.
“But...what if it is a werewolf and you do turn into one?”
There was a brief silence,
“If I do…I promise I will never hurt the two of you. I’ll keep the both of you safe, no matter what. Now relax Luke, I promise everything will be alright.”

Luke slept peacefully for the rest of the night. Layton, however, had a rather disturbing nightmare. He wasn’t himself; he was…some kind of animal, a rather large, hungry and vicious one. He was going after other people…even the children. He woke up in a panic only to, fortunately, find them sleeping soundly in bed unharmed. He settled down and reminded himself it was only a nightmare.

But things only got more disturbing for the professor. The following morning, the innkeeper continued to act strange around him. During the investigation around town, He and Luke found what looked like claw marks on one of the homes; and later, found foot prints near the forest that seem to…slowly change into paw prints. He did not understand how it was possible at the moment; it had to be some sort of trick. But as they continued to investigate…he couldn’t believe what happened, but while asking questions in a small restaurant …one man became very hostile towards him, saying they shouldn’t trust an outsider like him among other things. He tried to start a fight while Layton tried to calm him down, but to no avail. The man suddenly violently grabbed him, and when Layton tried to defend himself without harming him…he still can’t believe it; he somehow managed… to lift the man in the air when he tried to get him to let go, He managed to prevent it from turning into a fight however. Still, how was he able to do such a thing now? Was he going mad?

Later that afternoon, they bumped into the innkeeper, who wanted to speak to them in private back at the hotel about something of importance. Over there, she shared her concerns; apparently Luke wasn’t the only one who believed he was becoming a werewolf. Layton understood why she acted so cold to them earlier, however, he wondered why she was so sure it was a werewolf and why she believes he will become one. While she did not honestly know why such a creature showed up when there wasn’t a full moon, she believed it was indeed a werewolf and he will turn into one tonight without the moon being full. He did not believe he would turn into some monster, even though he had that nightmare, those footprints, claw marks…and that incident earlier. She then asked him how he would feel if he woke up the next morning with the children possibly injured because of his curse. He did not want to think of such an outcome and grew silent. She then asked if he like to do a “test” tonight, she apparently had an off limits area that only she had access to; in the hotel at the top floor; there, he would stay in a sealed room away from others overnight; to see if he’ll transform or not. If he doesn’t, he’ll be able to prove that the creature that bit him wasn’t a werewolf. If he does change though…at least he’ll be away from others where he can’t hurt or scare them. She seemed quite serious about this to the point that she seemed really upset and said she wanted to help him in anyway. She did help them out last night; and there were the things he saw today. Ultimately in the end, he decided to take up her offer. She did not however, completely explain why she had such an area in the hotel other than it was there when it was built and was off limits due to its odd structure, its entrance was a door that led to a long empty hallway, up to the cell room. It was rarely used but she kept it clean, he still wondered why a hotel would have such a room, so he kept note of it of another mystery to be solved.

He finished his tea and solved a few puzzles to help pass the time. He had been locked up for a few hours; the innkeeper was nice enough to let him eat before this. Luke and Flora were quite nervous about the whole thing earlier, but he reassured them that all of them will be alright; they both gave him tight hugs as if they were seeing him for the last time. He was then given a warning that the transformation might hit him as soon as it’s completely dark outside and that it might not be pleasant.

It was almost dark out at this point, the only source of light coming from his room was from the lamp on his desk. He was once again writing in his journal; so far he had very little leads or clues in his investigation; not much made sense to him yet. Why are these beasts terrorizing the town, what are those creatures? Why those footprints? The innkeeper seemed very desperate to help him. He was very confused by these questions and among a number of other things at the moment.

He put down his pen and leaned back in his chair, closing his eyes and sighed. How much longer did he have to stay in here? No matter though, he could always go to bed if he had nothing left to do to pass the time. He then began to feel a painful sensation in his right hand, but he tried to ignore it; it’s probably nothing. Opening his eyes, he sat back up and reached over for his pen to continue his writing…only to notice his own fingernails were turning black.

He looked closer at his hand, his expression was a mix between serious and horrified. Not only did his nails felt like they were burning, but they seemed to be changing shape as well. They appeared to be growing long, round and sharp…his nails were turning into sharp claws and the same was now happening to his left hand.
This…this can’t be real; it has to be some sort of trick. What on earth is happening? He thought to himself, slowly becoming more terrified as each second passed. His body started to shake uncontrollably; at the same time, he noticed something else about his hands was changing…hair; no…brown fur was sprouting all over them. Turning them over, his palms and the ends of his fingers seemed to be forming hard, black lumps. While they still looked like and functioned like hands, they were starting to resemble a bit like the paws of a…
“No…” I can’t be; they only exist in stories!
Despite not believing such a creature could exist, he had no other explanation to what was happening to him at the moment. In a panic, he removed his hat, coat, shoes, and turned out the light. He backed away from the desk and headed to the center of the room. Suddenly his body was overtaken by unbelievable, excruciating pain. He collapsed to his hands and knees; his muscles ached, his bones felt like they were on fire, it felt like his insides were being torn apart. Layton groaned in pain, his breathing became quite raspy and rapid; and then fur began to sprout from the rest of his body. It was an odd feeling to suddenly grow fur, it was difficult for him to describe.

The sound of repeated pounding came outside the metal door. Only he and the kids were granted access by the innkeeper.
Please don’t be…
“Professor, it’s me Luke! Is everything alright?”
No… not here, not now…
Although he knew the steel door would prevent him from getting loose when he becomes savage, he couldn’t bear the thought if he did somehow happen to escape with Luke nearby.
“Luke, get out of here at once!” Layton screamed in an agonized tone.
Luke flinched at this.
“What’s happening? What’s wrong?”
“Please…get out, now! I don’t want you to get hurt!” he let out a scream at the end of his sentence as he felt his arms starting to expand.
“You-you’re changing, aren’t you? Please tell me you’re not…”
Layton needed a way to make Luke leave before it was possibly too late. Remembering the door had a small window, he forced himself up as his body continued to ache, and headed towards the steel door. His face began to sting, he stumbled forward, accidently ramming himself against the door; he could hear his sleeves starting to tear a bit as fur poked through. Outside, Luke backed away until his back was up against the stone wall, startled.
Layton slid open the metal covering the window; outside he sees Luke’s eyes widen in horror.
Luke could only see part of the professor’s face and eyes through the small window. His face looked…slightly deformed and angry, he could also see him shaking wildly from the window. Luke realized his worst fear was being confirmed.
“Luke, please get out of here, now!”
“You…you really are becoming a werewolf!” Luke looked like he was about to start crying at any moment. Layton stayed quiet for a while, hurt a little by the fact that he was frightening the boy, but right now, he had to get him to leave.
“Luke, listen to me! I know what’s happening to me…but please…just get out of here. Just run Luke, please!” He let out a snarl as he once again fell to the ground, it did not sound human. He crawled away from the door. Outside, Luke slid to the floor; he was too frightened to listen to the professor’s demands. He continued to stare wide eyed at the door as he heard the professor change.

He disliked the fact he had to raise his voice at the boy; and that snarl…he shuddered at what he would do when the transformation completed.
He felt his chest and back expand, his shoulders becoming broader as well. He managed to get onto his knees and grasped his stomach. His back began to tear through his shirt, revealing shaggy brown fur that was still growing. Noticing this, he pulled off his shirt before it received any more damage. His torso and arms were now completely covered in fur, his body starting to look like it belonged to an animal than human. He fell onto his “hands” again as his legs began to ache. His feet were stretching out; the big toes looked like they were climbing up his feet. He hadn’t noticed it earlier, but the nails on his toes also had become claws. Black hard lumps also formed under his toes and the front part of his feet, with fur growing on the rest of it. His toes and thighs were widening; he felt like he was growing an extra limb as well at the same time. Realizing he was about to damage his pants, he struggled to get up (as it was a bit difficult at the moment), and removed them…and found he had grown a long, wolf’s tail.
Layton crouched and dug his claws into his hair; he knew what part of the transformation was probably coming up next.
I just have to stay calm…just stay calm…
His face felt like it was on fire; he slid his hands down from his hair and covered his face. His teeth felt like they were changing; removing his hands from his eyes, he looked to his right across the room, directly at the standing mirror. From afar he examined his teeth, they looked sharp. Fur began to sprout across his face and neck.
Then there was pure agony.

His own face was pushing out to form a muzzle; Layton clawed at the ground and squeezed his eyes shut, as he did not want to witness this change, and found it to be the most agonizing part of the transformation, he could not close his lengthening jaw at the moment, at the same time, his teeth were growing into long, razor sharp fangs. He felt his ears stretching to become wolf’s ears. He noticed his ears and nose were becoming more sensitive to sound and smell. As his muzzle and the rest of his body were finishing out their changes, his pained groans began to gradually change into low growls that sounded completely animal. Layton’s fear increased at this, he sounded like a savage beast. He wasn’t sure if his mind would change next, he hoped with all his heart such a thing would not happen.
I…I’ve become a beast…Please...don’t make me act like one, I don’t want to hurt anyone…especially not them…Please don’t make me hurt them, they did nothing wrong, they’re just children…Please leave them out of this…Please…

Luke was still sitting up against the wall, scared and trembling. He could no longer hear the professor’s pained cries but vicious sounding growling instead. Luke assumed the worst, now believing the professor had lost his mind.
No…No, Please no…

Across the hallway from his left, he could hear the entrance door unlock and slammed closed.
“Luke, what are you doing in here? I’ve been wondering where you went.”
He turned his head to his left, and at the end of the hallway, there stood Flora.
“Flora, the professor, he’s…”he trailed off.
Flora heard the snarling and realized what was happening.
“He’s become a werewolf, hasn’t he?” her eyes were full of sadness.
Luke could only respond by closing his eyes, trying his best not to cry.
Why are they both out there? They need to get out before I go mad.
Layton’s mind was completely overwhelmed by fear, he did not mean to growl as he was doing it out of pain. If he harms the children, he would never forgive himself. Suddenly, he had the strangest urge. He felt like he wanted to scream, he could feel it building up in his chest. He stood up and stumbled around the room aimlessly as he clutched his chest. He raised his head and instead of a scream, he let out a long, loud and mournful sounding howl.

Luke and Flora winced at the sound of Layton’s howling. Luke hugged his knees and buried his face in them; the tears he was holding back were escaping.
Oh no…no.
Flora, teary eyed and terribly frightened of the situation as well; noticed Luke at the other end of the hall, quietly crying to himself. She approached him, and in an effort to comfort the both of them, hugged him tightly. Luke did not respond, but he felt thankful and wanted to hug her back.
They both knew the professor had completely transformed into a monster from a horror story.

Horrified of the haunting sound coming out of him; Layton howled again, much louder than before. He collapses to the ground afterwards, breathing heavily, exhausted from the transformation. His eyes still shut tight; two minutes passed.
My mind still here…I don’t think I have to worry about losing control anymore. But…what if I slowly lose control by turning into this…creature too much? No, that doesn’t seem possible; I would be having small impulses to act savage. If it’s not happening now, then I’ll be fine.
He eased a bit, knowing for a fact that he wasn’t a danger to anyone. He sighed through his nose, sounding like a large dog sighing; he had to admit, he was not used to hearing wolf noises come out of him yet. His left ear began twitching, annoyed by this new feature; he lifted and shook his head like a dog, he could feel his fur move as he did so. He got up to all fours.
Fours…I can stand on fours like a wolf as well.
Layton had not yet opened his eyes as he knew he would have to face his new monstrous appearance. He was still in disbelief that all of this was happening to him, or that any of this was possible. But he had to do it eventually…
Finally opening his eyes, he noticed he had stumbled towards the left edge of the dresser. He managed to get back on his own two feet…or paws as they were now, rather large paws with black, sharp claws; his big toes were further up the leg, now resembling dew claws.
I guess werewolves have them on their back legs.
He turned right, and went to see his reflection in the dressers mirror.
What he saw deeply disturbed him.
His own head had been completely changed into that of a wolf’s; muzzle, black nose and everything; his ears flattened. He noticed that his eyes remained unchanged; he also had a bit of fur on his forehead that resembled bangs, the only features on him that remained the same.
Curiously, he curled his lips to get a good look at his fangs. They were razor sharp and menacing, he snarled to also see how truly frightening he looked; like a vicious monster.
He blinked and took a step back, however, due to not being quite used to having paws yet, he lost his balance; Layton attempted to stop his fall by grabbing onto the surface of the dresser, but his claws only dug into the surface before falling back over and quickly getting up to his “feet” again. He examined the deep marks he left on the dresser; placing his claws on his right hand on the marks.
I did this…my own claws did this…
He turned away and headed to where the standing mirror was, his claws on his paws clicked against the ground at every step he took.
He could see the changes on the rest of his body, he was completely covered in shaggy brown fur, his legs were now the back legs of a wolf; he was much taller than before. His bushy tail swept the floor as it moved in an uneasy manner. He also appeared to be quite strong. In short, he looked like an overgrown wolf that stood on its hind legs and had “hand paws”.
He was still in disbelief, he wish he could deny it, but he couldn’t. The beast that bit him was a werewolf and there was more out there. He now carried the curse.
He was a werewolf now.
A monster.
Layton slowly looked down at his claws and thought of the damage he did earlier with them, and thought what he could do with his fangs or claws. Despite not being a mindless beast, he feared what he was capable of as a werewolf. If he’s not cautious, he might hurt someone by accident…he did not wish to hurt others…especially like this. The pure fact he had razor sharp fangs and claws disturbed him greatly. A sense of loneliness began to set in.

Layton’s ears perked when he started hearing the sound of a young boy sobbing…Luke.
The poor boy now probably thought he was an out of control beast. And Flora…she’s probably scared to death. Personally, the idea that the children were frightened of him hurt. He couldn’t blame them for being scared though.
The sobbing became louder; he turned to face the door, he did not mean to frighten them so badly.
I can’t bear to hear them like that…if I let them know that I’m alright, maybe they will, hopefully, calm down. But how do I tell them? I’m not even sure if I can still speak in this form…I’ll have to try though.
He slowly approached the door and stayed below the small window, for he was not entirely ready to let them see him like this.

Layton took in a deep breath, exhaled through his nose and closed his eyes for a moment.
“Luke, Flora…please don’t cry, it’s alright…” his tone was soft.
Luke slowly lifted his head up as Flora stared at the door, confused.
“Pro…Professor?” Luke asked timidly.
“Yes, it’s me…”
“Professor!” Luke sniffled. “We thought you transformed!”
“I did…I’m sorry for frightening you two…Luckily my mind remains unchanged…Now, please…I need you two to trust me.”
There was silence between them for a while. Something told Layton that they were still uneasy about him.
“You’re still frightened of me regardless, are you?” His tone was still soft but sadness also seemed to be in it.
“I…” Luke didn’t want to finish as he knew the professor was right, the fact that he was a werewolf terrified him…but he did want to trust him still.
“I’m sorry…” he said quietly.

The professor lowered his ears in disappointment; he did understand why they could possibly still be scared of him. Just talking to them from behind the door wasn’t going to entirely convince them, he knew what he had to do…even though he was slightly worried how they would react to seeing him like this.
“I’m going to unlock this door; as soon as I do, please do come in…I need you two to trust me…”
Luke managed to choke out “Al-Alright…”
He knew that meant they were going to have to see the professor in his beastly form, he hoped he wasn’t too scary looking.

Layton unlocked the door (It had a combination lock as part of the door on both sides to get in and out of the room, and only Layton and the innkeeper knew the code for the cell; it automatically locked whenever the door was shut.), opened it slightly and darted off on all fours into the bathroom to hide himself for now, as he wanted a more slow approach to show his new form than them just coming inside and seeing a large beast waiting in there.

The door made a loud creak as it opened and, oddly enough, Luke also heard the sound of something clicking…
Getting back on his feet, Luke slowly approached the room as Flora clung onto his left arm.
“Luke, are you sure it’s safe to go in there?”
“It’s the professor; he wouldn’t deliberately try to hurt us…”
“Luke, I’m starting to believe-”
“Please close the door behind you…” It was Layton; he was nowhere in sight.
“Ok…” Luke obeyed as he struggled to close the door (for it was quite heavy) and it shut with a loud clang.

They both stood alone in the room, it would have been completely dark in there if it weren’t for the moon light streaming from outside the barred window, from the moon. They felt uncomfortable after waiting for a while, as the eerie emptiness of the room started to get them.
“Professor, where are you? P-Please come out.” Luke tried asking bravely.

Layton took a moment to respond and rose up on twos
“I will…Just please don’t be afraid when you see me…”
“Professor?” Flora asked timidly. The children stayed close together.

They both heard the clicking sound once again. A large figure emerged from the bathroom on their left. They dared not to move out of fear as the creature showed itself. Standing from afar in front of them was a very large, hulking brown wolf standing on its hind legs. It towered over them and it was much taller than any adult. Its front paws resembled hands with razor sharp claws at the end of them than paws. Its ears perked and alert, moonlight reflected off its eyes. They could hear it breathing like a large dog. Its tail swept the floor anxiously.

They stared at the beast fearfully as it stared back, tilting its head. It took a step forward, its large claws on its paw clicked against the floor. Luke and Flora both took a step back. The beast noticing this, backed away, it ears going flat.
“Flora, Luke…it’s me.”
Luke heard the professor’s own voice come out of the wolf. The werewolf lowered itself and sat like a dog, although it was hunched over doing so due to being quite large. They noticed it had ruffled fur on his head and Layton’s eyes were unchanged and calm, one of the few recognizable features about him.
Luke slowly approached the creature as Flora stayed where she was. Face to face with the beast now, Luke quietly asked.
“Professor… is that really you?” his eyes becoming watery again, in disbelief seeing his own friend as a werewolf.
The beast sadly nodded.
Luke ran up and wrapped his arms around him, burying his face and crying into Layton’s shaggy fur on his chest. Layton placed his hand gently on Luke’s back, stroking it in an attempt to calm him. He smiled warmly.
“There, there…” Layton turned to Flora; she still seemed terrified of him.
“Is something the matter?” he asked with concern.
She seemed to flinch at this and backed away. Layton was confused be her reaction.
“Flora?” he heard himself let out a soft whine at the end.
She seemed to relax as he whined; she looked away for a moment to think and looked back at the professor.
“Luke, earlier I wanted to say something but I didn’t get to finish…”
Luke, still teary eyed, let go of the professor and faced Flora.
“What….”he sniffled “What was it?”
“I…I believe you’re the only one who can understand the professor.”
“What do you mean by that?”
Her eyes looked down.
“All I hear come out of him is wolf noises…”
“Oh…I guess it’s because I can talk to animals…so that means if he tries to talk to anyone else…”
“They won’t be able to understand me…” he whimpered and looked sadly at Flora.
I can’t even speak to the poor girl like this…I still need to ease her fears about me.

Flora looked at the professor in the eyes; despite being a werewolf and appearing sad and concerned; he had a gentle and soft expression, which was also sweet and welcoming. She was still a little frightened of him, but she wanted to trust him. Flora slowly approached the professor as he watched her curiously; she reached out towards him. When her hand was above his head, he looked up and Flora placed her hand on his forehead, slowly stroking his fur. The wolf now had a warm smile. Flora burst into tears out of relief and buried her face into his forehead. Layton closed his eyes.
“I-I know you won’t hurt us…I just wish I could understand you…I’m…I’m sorry.” She started crying again. Layton let out a sympathetic whine.
You don’t need to apologize dear.
Luke, relieved as well, leaned against the professor’s chest and started sobbing again, hugging him once again. Both of them were petting the professor at the same time while crying and noticed his fur was very soft. Layton did not respond; his tail wagged slightly (not that he could control it), and he found the petting quite relaxing.
No wonder the animals like being petted.
The petting also helped them ease their fears about him being a werewolf.
They both cried harder and hugged tighter as they felt truly awful about what happened to the professor. Warmth seemed to be coming from the werewolf, making them feel relaxed and safe near him. Layton would have told the two not to cry so much for him, as he did not want to see them so upset. All that mattered is that they were no longer afraid of him and that he wasn’t going to hurt them. He was more concerned about their own wellbeing, it hurt to see them cry so much. Of course, again, he couldn’t blame them; the whole situation was overwhelming and horrifying. Flora let go of his face and now, she too, was burying her face into his chest. Layton leaned back a bit and placed his other hand on her back gently, now lightly hugging them both. He had to be careful around them as a werewolf, making sure his claws or strength weren’t hurting the children. Even though one of them couldn’t understand him, he spoke softly to them.
“It’s alright…everything is going to be alright…”

Some time passed, the kids were no longer crying; both of them were lying in the large bed; they rested their heads on Layton’s torso (he was laying down like a dog does), he didn’t mind this though, and his fur kept him rather warm so he didn’t need any blankets. They were all quiet, thinking about their situation.
“Professor?” it was Luke.
“Since you’re a werewolf now…that means those wild dogs running around town are werewolves too, aren’t they?”
“Yes… unfortunately, I thought a monster like that couldn’t exist, but since they do…that makes this investigation much more dangerous for us; and just because I’m a werewolf now doesn’t mean I’ll stop investigating at night.”
“But what if someone see’s you like this…?”
“They won’t know it’s me as long as they don’t see me change, which means I have to keep myself hidden away from others before the sun completely sets, and I’ll probably keep becoming this beast every night by the looks of it.”
“But what if they start hunting you, or lock you up? Or worse…I’m just scared what they might do to you…”
Layton was quiet for a while before responding.
“Luke…I promise everything will be alright in the end, no matter what, we’ll all be alright. I’ll be ok, and don’t worry about what might happen to me. I won’t let those other werewolves hurt you two, I’ll promise to protect you both even as werewolf. If they do hurt you…or if somehow I end up being the one hurting you…even on accident, I will never forgive myself.”
“I don’t think you would ever hurt us professor…and even though you’re a werewolf now…I-I’ll still be your friend.”
“I agree with Luke…I won’t abandon you too.” Flora added.
Layton chuckled and smiled. The two knew this meant the professor was grateful for them for wanting to help him. Although to Flora, it sounded like a wolf was trying to mimic a human laugh, but she understood him what he was trying to do.

Layton was deep in thought as Luke explained to Flora what the professor was telling him earlier so she would fully understand their conversation. After that, Luke thought to himself and asked
“Professor, how are we going to investigate tomorrow night with you as a werewolf?”
“You’ll see…”
Luke was silent with a concerned expression.
“And…do you…do you think we’ll ever get you cured? I mean…Can we even lift your curse? The werewolves in stories don’t usually get happy endings.”
“…Possibly…hopefully, just relax. There must be away to break the curse.”

Layton knew sleeping wouldn’t be easy tonight for him. The kids were sleeping peacefully on his warm fur, knowing fully well that he would keep them safe. But…What if there wasn’t a cure? He couldn’t keep changing into this creature forever. He hoped he would find an answer during the investigation and decided to worry about it at a different time. Right now he wanted to stay in the cell room as so much has happened tonight. He knew he would become human again in the morning.
I also need to thank the innkeeper and ask her some questions tomorrow when I get the chance.
Of course he had to wake up before he changes back or else he would be in a rather embarrassing moment. He fell asleep; knowing everyone in the cell was safe with him, and fortunately for him, this time he slept nightmare free.
I finally finished it...I hope its good, And sorry for any spelling errors...
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*explodes* AWESOME!!!!
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Neat story to good for it to be a oneshot.
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This is a bit weird for a Laytonverse haha but i must admit you have a well written skill! also i like that Professor is still himself(now this is Laytonverse!) but i guess more drama will follow after this
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So cool! This inspires me to write some fanfiction of my own.
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This is really beautiful. I really enjoyed reading it! I just wish there was more!
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Hey there! I just stumbled upon this fic and I enjoyed reading it a lot. Really interesting... and heartwarming at the same time. I loved the part near the end when Luke & Flora still wanted the Professor to be their friend despite his form. :)

Great job :thumbsup:
Gin93 Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2013
Thanks :)
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You're welcome :la:
wolfmarian Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2013
Did the werewriters group link worked for putting your story? see i did this drawing (i love making my favest characters into lycans, and your story was worth it :D).

Gin93 Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2013
im sorry but i may never see the other parts of the comic, mom banned me off the comp and the 3ds barely works...
Gin93 Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2013
im sorry but i may never see the other parts of the comic, mom banned me off the comp and the 3ds barely works...
wolfmarian Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2013
Mmmm i see. Hope in a future you can see this.
Gin93 Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2013
Sadly no :(
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Love the story! faved and maybe can do a drawing about it in a future :D. (i was going to tf Layton into a werewolf anyways in my drawings)
Gin93 Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2013
hows it going
wolfmarian Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2013

Whoa calm down with the comment O.o


The pages are finished, and two of them colored. There are six pages, i only show the Transformation (he fall unconscious and is glad that he can control) as you asked me.


The drawings i did earlier will be redone before i submit the entire mini comic.

Be patient :) i want to colour it good. Ive just finished with my lion king comic, yours is next. I will upload the first page, but you have to wait for the rest.



Gin93 Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2013
hows it going
Gin93 Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2013
hows it going
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